Status: Online
Castle Owner : None


Donation is optinal and for keeping the server online. When you have placed a donation, you will automatic receive the Donation Item on your account after the payment. Place your order through the UserPanel



With voting, the server gets a higher ranking in toplists! It only takes one click for your vote to be counted. Votes bring new players to the server. You can also vote through UserPanel and get your vote point's in-game.



We will be searching for 2-3 GM's / Supporters because we want to have 24H support on server. Therefore we are searching 1 from the US, and rest random around the world.

  • English speaking, and written.
  • mature personality
  • 18+
  • Trustable
  • Have Discord + Headset

    Do NOT apply, if you think you will be able to abuse or anything. As GM/Supporter you will only be able to kick, ban, move, hide & speed. GM gear will be delivered, included package of meds etc. Primary function is to answer questions, be visible to players, and spy on suspicious players. More responsibility will be added, if we got the right feeling.

    Apply through our forum.

    Sincerely, Danica-Kal

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